The theme for our convention was “Pan-African Unity or Perish: A call for the Abolition of Neocolonialism,” July 21-23, 2022, and was held during the 100-year anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s appeal to the League of Nations for Ethiopia to be handed over to African people after being seized from Italy. It was appropriate we used this opportunity to bring light to sanctions against not only Ethiopia but also Zimbabwe, Eritrea, and other nations where sovereignty is punished by the colonial system.

We aspired to shine a microscope on the current system of colonialism that oppresses Africans globally, and formally charge the current global imperialist system with the crime of colonialism and how all Africans can play their part locally, regionally, and continentally to the demise of neocolonial and decolonization. The convention also seeks to explore the benefits of African Diaspora integration into the continent. The goal was to shift the conversation for Africans away from symptomatic issues to the cause and source of our oppression. 

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