Midlands State University was the virtual host for the "Africa Unity or Perish: A Call for the Abolition of Neocolonialism, conference July 21-23, 2022
Professor Muzvidziwa is an extensively published scholar who commands tremendous respect in academia. He has authored many books, monographs, refereed journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, and consultancy reports. He has published locally, regionally, and internationally. Prof Muzvidziwa is an Editorial Board member of several refereed journals such as the Journal of Social Development in Africa and the Lwati Journal of Research. He has worked with reputable international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, and USAID.

Conference Opening: Kick-Off with Performance from Midlands State University
Midlands State University is a government-owned university in Zimbabwe. The university has 9 faculties offering a wide variety of courses and many specialist programmes. The university is accredited through the National Council for Higher Education, under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education of Zimbabwe.

Address: Senga Road, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Motto: Our Hands, Our Mind, Our Destiny

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